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Winter Sports Preview: Nordic Skiing

As winter sports start up, nordic skiing is getting right to it.
They have had three races already and have one more tomorrow!

Skiing has always been a large part of Maine and New England as a whole.
You can’t drive an hour in Maine without stumbling upon a ski resort.
Almost all schools in Maine have skiing programs, to get students involved in this
exciting winter sport, including Oxford Hills High School.

Olivia Swift, a senior at OHCHS, has been skiing nordic since she was 5 years old,
and has been skiing at the high school for all of her 4 years. I interviewed her to
get the details on the upcoming nordic skiing season.

What is the difference between nordic skiing and alpine skiing?

Nordic skiing is across flat grounds and hills while alpine is only downhill.

How is the season going so far?

We literally just started but since we have snow so early this year, we started
skiing on day one. This was really exciting for the team since we didn’t have
any dry land training.

How often are pr…

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